About Nathan Bossoh

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(Current PhD student in History and Philosophy of Science at UCL|MSc in Philosophy, Science and Religion| Musician – bass guitar)

In the last year of my undergraduate degree in Music Performance (2014), I became increasingly interested in general science and philosophy which in turn led to the discovery of apologetics (giving a positive defence of Christianity using evidence). Since then I have become a student of apologetics, history and philosophy, aiming to increase my knowledge in areas such as the historic, scientific and philosophical defence of theism and scripture. In 2018 I completed my Masters Degree in Philosophy, Science and Religion with Edinburgh University, and now I am undertaking my PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science at UCL. (My PhD research focuses on the cultural and religious effects of the theory of evolution during its initial period of publication within the mid to late 19th century.)

Extra info: I have an initial background in music with a 1st class honors degree in Music Performance from Middlesex University after gaining a two-year scholarship, plus student of the year award from the Higher Diploma course.

I have been fortunate to also written articles for ‘Premier Youth and Children’s Work’ and ‘Christians in Science’. I am apart of the youth leadership team within my Church, and co-organize – along side guitarist Dave Niskin – a project entitled FJM (Following Jesus as Musicians) where we gather Christian musicians together to meet on a regular basis in order to discuss the Bible, life and faith.