About Nathan Bossoh

IMG_4016 (1)Nathan Bossoh Is a full time musician with a 1st class honours degree in Music Performance from Middlesex University after gaining a two-year scholarship, plus student of the year award from the Higher Diploma course.

In his last year of university, Nathan became increasingly interested in general science and philosophy which in turn led to the discovery of scientific apologetics (how to use science in order to defend the christian faith). Since then he has become a student of apologetics aiming to increase his knowledge in areas such as the historic, scientific and philosophical defence of scripture. Currently Nathan is studying for his Masters degree in Philosophy, Science and Religion at the University of Edinburgh with the intention of advancing onto his PhD afterwards.

He has been involved presentations regarding Creation Science and Evolution, The Genesis Three Attack, and the big question of if God is Good, why is there Evil? He is also a Food Bank volunteer in the Elim Mitcham Church, and part of the youth leadership team within the Church.